seahorses for sale

Seahorses are marvelous creatures to behold in their natural sea or ocean habitats. Yet, keeping the creatures in an aquarium within your home can provide an even more spectacular experience. If you’re thinking about Seahorses for sale, you’re most certainly prepared to take on the challenge of preserving some of the most beautiful, yet fragile creatures on earth.

Dwarf Seahorses for Sale

The Dwarf Seahorse is very tiny, the largest one of the species being 2 inches long. This type of a Seahorse may spot colors such as yellow, brown or white. What are some of the perquisites for keeping a Dwarf Seahorse?
For starters, a Dwarf Seahorse thrives well in a species-only aquarium. You may keep about 10 such Seahorses in a 10-gallon tank. Also, you may prefer a small aquarium, especially if you desire to keep Seahorse food well concentrated.
If you’ve never kept Dwarf Seahorses before, it helps to know that the pets only survive on live food. Such food may include baby brine shrimp and copepods. Can the Dwarf Seahorse skip meals? If by “skip meals” you mean going two days without food, the answer is no! Actually, baby brine shrimp are hatched on daily basis and fed when they are most nutritious to the Dwarf Seahorses.
However, the tiny Seahorses may be fed with diet supplements that include frozen mysis.

Live Seahorses for Sale

Once you decide to go for live Seahorses for sale, you’ll most certainly have to consider whether or not to choose captive bred ones. Quite obviously, it’s going to be easier for you to maintain captive bred Seahorses as they are less susceptible to diseases, easier to feed and already familiar with domestic living environments. However, you may still want to ensure practices that enhance the life of any Seahorse species you keep.
For instance, all types of Seahorses have a hard time competing for food. This makes it a matter of life and death not to keep species that are more aggressive in the same tank as Seahorses. However, snails and micro hermits are less aggressive and can live with Seahorses safely.
Equally important, you may add décor to your Seahorse tank, but remember not to include live rock or sand. Live material may harbor stinging organisms such as anemones. It’s recommended that you consider artificial branching corals or gorgonians for functional and aesthetic purposes.
As for aquarium water temperature, 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit will do. Also, the tank water has to be low in current.

Freshwater Seahorses for Sale

Also known as Pipefish, fresh Seahorses can be spectacular additions to your aquarium. They are relatives to Seahorses, yet more aggressive. That’s why you may prefer to keep small freshwater Seahorses if they have to share tanks with other species of Seahorses. Pipefish survive in brackish aquarium water (water with a little more salinity). This type of species requires care that’s similar to that given to Seahorses.
As you consider Seahorses for sale, it’ll always be wise to learn the perquisites for keeping the pets safe and healthy. Thus, knowing what foods to give, foreign material or organisms to introduce and water conditions to keep can make it way easier for you to keep well-thriving Seahorses in a home or office aquarium.

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